Kolby and Mary Beth King are the founders of three-thirty ministries. Together they share the Gospel in a fast-paced way using tools such as ventriloquism, illusions, drama, fire-eating,         engaging preaching, humorous illustrations, balloon animals, high-energy songs, stunts with 6-foot balloons and more.

1 Minute Promo Video:


“Kolby and Mary Beth King are some of the most wonderfully spiritually gifted people I have met over the years…Throughout the revival there were over forty decisions to come to know Christ…” “I have watched as Kolby captivated an audience filled with people of all ages. He seems to have an uncanny ability to connect with adults, teens and children all at the same time.” “Our church…was glued to the illustrations of the Biblical message that Bro. Kolby preached…We saw 5 people pray to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior on that day! What a glorious time that we had.”

“His genuine and sincere heart for Jesus was evident.  The presentation he brought was simple, straightforward and captivating.”

“We had 67 salvation decisions this week and a number of other decisions as well…”

Learn more about this ministry and how you can bring Kolby and Mary Beth King to your church at www.330events.org.