ThreeThirtyMinistries has partnered with your Association to give you a number of free resources on our discipleship website, including:

  • A year of youth curriculum.
  • A year of children’s ministry curriclum.
  • Evangelism and visitation training.
  • Over 70 family devotions and other resources to help and encourage your the parents in your church to take spiritual leadership in their families
  • Gospel Presentation videos
  • Bible Study helps and challenges
  • And a bunch more

All of these resources were created by ThreeThirtyMinistries & Kolby King and have been used in Southern Baptist churches across the United States. Learn more about us.

To unlock these resources, simply follow these steps:

STEP 1 – Go to to create a free account. (Scroll down to register on mobile devices.)

STEP 2 – Go to

STEP 3 – Press “Add to Cart”. You will enter a coupon code in a minute, so these resources will be free.

STEP 4 – Enter BaptAssocGift330 as the Coupon Code. Press “Apply Coupon”.

STEP 5 – The cost will change to $0. Press “Proceed to Checkout”.

STEP 6 – Fill in your account information. The system calls it “Billing Details” even though it costs nothing. Press “Place Order”. 

That’s it! You’re ready. Go to and refresh your browser. The resources listed above will unlock and be marked “Enrolled”. 

If you have any questions or issues, please Contact Us. This is our gift to you to bless your church. 

Jesus Lives!
Kolby King